Hot Tub Delivery – What to Expect

You’ve done it! You’ve ordered a Hot Tub for your home from our Rochester Jacuzzi showroom, but what’s next? Today we’re going to go over the route your Hot Tub takes from the Factory to your Home. Once we receive your Hot Tub at our Warehouse in Livonia Michigan, we’ll schedule your delivery.

Once we arrive at your home, we’ll walk through the path we’ll take to where you’d like your Hot Tub installed with youWe request that all animals have been put away and any obstructions have been cleared, such as gates/doors or things in the path.

Then our Team will lower your new Tub onto a cart to roll it as close as we can to the desired location. If the Hot Tub will be placed outside, the Team will bring your Tub directly to the space you’ve set aside.

Once we place your brand new Hot Tub in your home, we’ll then go over the basics of use and install a cover/cover lifter if you purchased one. Any packaging will be removed and disposed of for you.

Before you fill your Hot Tub with water, have an electrician come to connect the Hot Tub to your home.

Once an electrician has cleared your Tub for use, it’s time to fill it up! It is recommended that you fill and treat your new Tub with water and Bromine before the first use. Test your water and you’re good to go! 

Go grab a suit and take a dip!

Well there you have it: Delivery and Installation with Allstate is Quick and Easy! Reach out to your Rochester Hot Tub showroom and let’s schedule your Hot Tub Delivery, Today!